The main ingredient of any successful affiliate program is a large base of relevant, value add affiliates who are able to drive a significant quantity of quality traffic. Finding those affiliates presents the difficulty…Recruiting affiliates is not as easy as simply offering a competitive payout, it is an extremely time consuming process that includes:

  • Identifying high potential prospects

  • Categorizing and prioritizing prospects

  • Creating effective messaging

  • Initial Outreach

  • Iterative Follow Up

  • Commission and Placement Negotiations solves these challenges by providing a white label service that was created to offer a solution to brands who prefer to manage their program in-house but are looking for a trusted resource to help drive revenue through the affiliate channel. We’ve structured our processes in a way that does not require our clients to provide us access to any secure data such as affiliate networks or analytics. We simply recruit affiliates on your behalf and hand them off to an appointed contact once they’ve confirmed interest. Contact us today to find out more.